We pride ourselves on our professional coaching, exceptional facilities, effective programming and above all—our fun, inclusive fitness community. Don’t believe us? Check our Google Reviews or visit us on Facebook

The Go-Getter who wants to improve form and increase strength: 

“Amazing place that will teach you the right form, strengthen you, and make you have so much fun you would've forgot you were working out!” - Natalie S.

The Nervous Nelly who thinks they are too 'out of shape' to start now: 

“I was very nervous about joining CrossFit as I am not athletic nor in shape at all, but 3 of my friends convinced me to go and I'm so happy I did! Everyone is so nice and you can tailor the workouts to your fitness level. The workouts are certainly hard and challenging, but I feel so accomplished at the end of the hour. I would definitely recommend to everyone!” - Michele Z.

The athlete looking to push his or her limits: 

“I’ve been an athlete throughout high school and college and have had countless coaches my entire life, so it is easy for me to say that Lenny (the owner) is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful coaches I have ever had. Not only does his expertise make for a great workout environment but he never let me settle for “good enough.” He believes in everyone that walks through the door and so does everyone else that is a part of the CrossFit Escalate family. Beyond blessed to be welcomed with open arms.” - Kaulin H.

The individual looking for a community and motivation: 

“Escalate is an amazing place where your classmates become your family. The hard work and dedication of the staff motivates members to do their best and achieve awesome goals!” – Jen J.